Floating Stage Productions

Floating Stage Productions, Inc. is a visionary production and marketing company dedicated to “bringing the arts to the people.”
Our floating stage is a unique concept in recreation and entertainment, where the performance floats before your eyes.

Why a floating stage?


* Provides a community gathering spot and a destination that attracts tourists.

* A water-based venue provides exciting opportunities to the generally
   overlooked boating and marine marketplace.

* This proven venue, along with family-oriented programming, stimulates  
   residents and businesses into working together to create a sense of
   community, pride, and involvement.


Why Floating Stage Productions?


* We’ve been operating a progressive floating stage venue for 10 years with  
   proven success. www.bemusbaypops.com

* We provide expertise in the services that keep your operation afloat and the 
   revenue streaming: marketing support, programming and event planning,
   and hospitality management.

* We can create a customized organization tailored to meet the specific needs
   of your community.


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